Micah and Hailey Wedding Montage

Nathanvideo, Weddings

One thing I enjoy greatly is good music. What I enjoy even more is creating something artistic set to music.

I recently met Kevin Toqe through a friend of mine. I was looking for ways to make my work stronger and my friend Scott introduced me to Kevin’s music. After talking on the phone and through emails, Kevin and I got together. I found out more about him and his music – and that he’s a worship leader at a church in Laurel, MS.

If you haven’t heard any of his stuff, I encourage you to visit his website: www.kevintoqe.com

All contributions help support his ministry in Laurel.

Kevin writes and produces original music and is available to perform at weddings and events. What’s more, Kevin is also available to write personalized music for couples who want something original they can cherish for a lifetime.

Kevin has graciously allowed me to use one of his songs for Micah and Hailey’s wedding montage video. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it!