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Aerial Photos and Video

We offer aerial photos and video using next-generation drone equipment. Our Remote Pilot has been trained and certified with the FAA to fly drones commercially and we carry at least $1M of insurance for every job.

Virtual Tours

Add the virtual tour service to your package and we'll create a professional walk-thru video complete with a voice over, music, motion design elements and your contact info and logo. Perfect for social media. 7-day turn-around for all video walk-thrus.

Interior & Exterior Photos

Get noticed faster! We'll capture high-resolution, professional photos of the interior and exterior to help your listing standout in MLS and across listing pages. In addition to MLS specific images, we'll even provide photos with your contact information. 24hr turn-around. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Featured Real Estate Photos

Authorized by the FAA to fly within the Jackson International Airspace

Photography and Video Packages

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Starting at
  • 10 Interior Photos & 5 Exterior Photos
  • 48hr Turn-Around Time!
  • Professional, subtle HDR Photos
  • Timely Invoices

Per Location

Photography + Aerial


  • 2-3 Aerial Photos
  • 10 Interior Photos & 5 Exterior Photos
  • 48hr Turn-Around Time!
  • Professional, subtle HDR Photos

Per Location

Need something not listed here? We can customize a package to meet your needs.

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FAA Certified Part 107 Remote Operator

The drone market is a growing industry and Take One Media offers aerial video and photo services. Our remote pilot has more than 500 hours of experience flying remote aircraft and is Part 107 Certified by the FAA to fly drones commercially. We carry at least $1M insurance for aerial job. While there are many photographers with drones, not all of them have been trained and certified to fly commercially. We understand the legal issues of flying drones commercially and are committed to doing it the right way. Because Take One Media has more than 10 years of experience in video production and an experienced remote pilot, aerial video and real estate walk-thru videos are a perfect match.

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