Need to Know: 3 Things to Discuss with Your Videographer

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When sitting down with a videographer about your wedding, you may be tempted to believe they already know all there is to know expect where and when to show up at your wedding… But knowing a few things about what matters to them will help ensure both you, and your videographer will be able to provide the absolute best service possible.  While the following list isn’t exactly all inclusive, it provides a few technical questions that need to be addressed by you or your wedding planner early in the planning process of your wedding. Read More

CG Podcast Promo – Video

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This is a motion graphic promo I created to help promote our podcasts and our new mobile app for iOS and Android devices.  Played during weekend worship encounters and on our broadcast. Check it out and let me know know what you think!

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Micah and Hailey Wedding Montage

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One thing I enjoy greatly is good music. What I enjoy even more is creating something artistic set to music.

I recently met Kevin Toqe through a friend of mine. I was looking for ways to make my work stronger and my friend Scott introduced me to Kevin’s music. After talking on the phone and through emails, Kevin and I got together. I found out more about him and his music – and that he’s a worship leader at a church in Laurel, MS.

If you haven’t heard any of his stuff, I encourage you to visit his website:

All contributions help support his ministry in Laurel.

Kevin writes and produces original music and is available to perform at weddings and events. What’s more, Kevin is also available to write personalized music for couples who want something original they can cherish for a lifetime.

Kevin has graciously allowed me to use one of his songs for Micah and Hailey’s wedding montage video. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Micah and Hailey Teaser

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As you probably know, Spring and Summer is the preferred seasons to get married – love is in the air right? And pollen. So the flowers are in bloom. Everything is so pretty outside, it’s no wonder brides want to get married during these seasons!

As an event videographer, this is my busy season. I recently had 3 weddings back to back and I’m wrapping up the last one before it get’s busy again. Here’s a teaser video from a wedding I blogged about a month ago.  Micah and Hailey’s wedding was at the Ag Museum in Jackson and the late afternoon sun was really beautiful.

Hailey and Micah Teaser from Nathan Alber on Vimeo.

Miriam and Kevin – Wedding Montage

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While I didn’t have a chance to meet Miriam or Kevin before the wedding day, they were both fun to work around! This was my 3rd or 4th wedding at First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, MS.

This wedding project introduced me to local photographer Erin Fults (  It was a pleasure to work alongside Erin and her team on this wedding, and I look forward to future opportunities. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer or someone to take family portraits, I can strongly recommend Erin not only for her talent but also her warm personality!

Here’s the montage video:

miriam and kevin from Nathan Alber on Vimeo

Scott and Julie – Wedding Video


A few weeks ago I had the great opportunity to meet two of the coolest people I’ve worked with. Scott and Julie asked me to video their wedding day and after we met over coffee, I knew I would enjoy working with them.

Scott and Julie got married in Provine Chapel on the Mississippi College campus. While I had classes in Provine while I was at MC, I had never been in the sanctuary. Because good lighting is essential to video, I was happy to see the room had plenty of windows to let natural light in! And because Scott and Julie decided to have a 2pm wedding, it was even better! After their ceremony, Scott and Julie celebrated with their family and friends in the courtyard in Jennings Hall.

I captured their ceremony and created a wedding video that highlights their day. All and all, I had a great time with this wedding and wish Scott and Julie the very best!

Agriculturally Wed


I’m a little excited! A couple of friends I went to school with are getting married this weekend, and they’ve asked me to be the videographer.

What’s cool about Hailey and Micah’s wedding is its location: they’ve booked the chapel at the Mississippi Agriculture & Forestry Museum in Jackson (which is also the National Agricultural Aviation Museum – something I’m partial to. You can check them out here). It’s great timing too, because the Ag Museum has a nice rose garden, plenty of trees, and a really cool general store that will lend well to photos and video. The video should look great with the late afternoon sunlight!

Their wedding ceremony will be in the chapel that has several windows that let in plenty of natural sunlight. Photos with the family will be after the ceremony and followed by the reception.

Besides the location and the timing of Hailey and Micah’s wedding, I get the opportunity to work with Amy Lindsey again. She’s a photographer from my home town and the person who took the photo featured above. The last time we worked together was at a friend’s wedding in Kosciusko. You can check out some of her work here.

I look forward to their wedding and will follow up with a post later.