Aerial Photos Video & Mapping

FAA Certified Part 107 Remote Operator

We have a background in aviation and routinely operate in the National Airspace under 14 CFR Part 107. We've flown in highly remote areas and complex urban areas, so we have the experience to capture the data you need.

1000s of hours of UAS Experience

We've flown fixed wing style aircraft, multi-rotor, and VTOLs, providing many options for completing the job.

A Fresh Perspective

Aerial Images provide a fresh perspective. If you're getting ready to sell your home or some land, aerial photos and video can help your listing stand out in the crowd. If you're in the land management or construction industries, aerial photos or video could be useful in your marketing strategy.

Aerial Mapping

We provide aerial mapping services for many applications. Farmers can use our services to track the health of their crops before/after storms, we can provide 1cm accuracy for use with surveys and help businesses create high resolution photos of their parking lots. These are just a few applications where our aerial mapping services would be useful.

Featured Aerial Highlight Video

Chad and his team at LandMax asked Take One Media to capture some video of the thinning process of some timber outside of Brandon, MS. Here are some highlights from that project. We provided video for marketing purposes and high resolution aerial maps of the property after the thinning process was complete.